Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Thank You



Thank you for choosing A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE or AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL….your adventure awaits!  PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR CABO CONTACT INFORMATION SO WE CAN REACH YOU IF THERE ARE ANY WEATHER CANCELATIONS, CHANGES TO TIME, STARTING LOCATION, ETC; include where you are staying and a phone number if available. Please let us know within 3 days after making your reservation if you are breaking your group into multiple teams or we will determine the number of teams for your group.  A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL limits each event to 20 teams. We recommend teams of 2 – 5 racers for A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and 2-4 crawlers for AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL for the best interactive experience; at least one adult must accompany all children under 18. Groups choosing more than the event recommended 5 or 4 people on a team will be assessed final time adjustments of 10 minutes for each extra person. Also, choose a team name(s)….fierce or funny; it’s all about you!!


Please read our best practices below to ensure A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE or AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL will be your most memorable Cabo day or night experience.


  • Meet at the correct location and time for your event. A separate email will be sent with your information. Also, all of the starting locations and times can be viewed on our website calendar of events.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear; sneakers are recommended.  You may get wet so light clothing is advised.  Bathing suits and towels are not needed.
  • Sunscreen; sunglasses and hats are encouraged as A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL are mostly outdoors.
  • Some clues require reading in a lower light environment so bring appropriate eyewear as you won’t want to guess where you are going.LOL
  • All items needed for A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL; including a small knapsack and “Help” phone will be supplied at your orientation.
  • Snacks and beverages will be provided at the end of A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and only drinks are included for AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL; meals are not included.
  • We have secure storage for personal belongings that you do not want to carry while on your race. Please know we are NOT responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items that are carried with you on A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE or AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL.
  • Cameras are welcome.  A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL will be taking FUN pictures throughout your adventure that will be available for purchase.
  • A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL are races, but go at a pace that fits your group.  This includes, running, walking or any combination; don’t feel pressured by faster teams…enjoy the journey.

We look forward to meeting your group and creating your A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE or AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL adventure!

All the best!
Kathi, Kyle, Diego and your A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE and AMAZING CABO BAR CRAWL Crew


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Cabo’s closest public parking, Plaza Alamar Parking, is located on Fco. Madero Street between Hidalgo and Guerrero.