Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION was the mantra for the January 27, 2014, A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE. Every A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE becomes a unique adventure, but that day our guests had the opportunity to become “reality stars” for the RCI TV filming of “New Ways to Play in Los Cabos”. It was very exciting to have RCI, the largest, timeshare exchange and travel company, include A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE in their latest, website video. The warm, Cabo sun was shining, the A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE crew and guests were prepped and anticipating the first clue and challenge, cameras were rolling, and then the running began. Competitive spirits began to flow and soon nine teams were jockeying to solve the next clue and be the first to arrive at the next location. Dan, the RCI TV host, joined a team and got caught up in the desire to win dashing off and leaving Ed, the camera man, in a cloud of dust. My next glance caught poor Ed, struggling to catch up carrying 500 pounds of camera equipment; well maybe not 500 pounds, but it was really heavy. This is how the day progressed; filled with laughter, surprises, teams trying to outwit other teams, and just good, old fashioned fun. Before we knew it; it was a “wrap” and we were saying our goodbyes to the RCI TV crew that we now called friends. Oh, by the way, I too had my time in the limelight with a final interview….I hope I don’t end up on the cutting room floor!LOL Tune in for more RCI TV news and the soon to be released video of “New Ways to Play in Los Cabos”.

All the best and see you on an A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE!

Kathi,Kyle,Diego and the A-MAZE-IN CABO RACE Crew